CEO Message

We believe that the most important of management resources is ‘Person’, and ‘Trust Relationship’ with customers, in other words we are confident that the ‘connection between people’.

There are more than 100 full-time employees, 80% is ladies.Currently, we support total ‘IT Solution’ server from software development to Infrastructure’s design and building. And also working on strengthening of the ‘Employee education’ which is an issue of human resource shortage in IT industry.

As an employee education, we are focusing on comprehensive employee education that can acquire not only the highly specialized knowledge necessary for the execution of work but also the behavior of one employee representing the company.

Going forward, we will continue to take on the challenge without being satisfied with the current situation so that we can provide high-quality and optimal services that customers can trust and contribute to the creation of a prosperous society.

Company Profile

Trade Name STAR SE CO.,LTD

Chuo-ku Nihonbashi Oodennmachou 17-6 Otari Shoji Building 2nd Floor,Tokyo

Establishment January 22, 2014
Capital 45 Million Yen
President President Kanemoto Koran
Number of Employees

(As of December 2019)

100 people

※Cooperative partner personnel: Approximately 20 people

Main Customers

NTT Electronics Techno Corporation

Accenture Japan Ltd

High-tech Systems, Inc. (TCS group companies)

Canon Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Cos Media Inc.

Tyban Corporation

Cresco Co., Ltd.

Comture Corporation

Main Bank

Mitsui Sumitomo Banking Corporation

Tokyo Higashi Credit Union

Seibu Credit Union

Approval and Notification Acceptance

Privacy Mark : No.22000213

General Worker Dispatch Business Application Completed (planned to be acquired in January 2019)

Paid Employment Introduction Business Permission (13 – Yu – 309929)

Member Organizations

The Japan Software Industry Association(IIT)

Computer Software Association of Japan(CSAJ).

Koto East Corporation Board

The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry


December 2019 Capital increased to 45 million yen
January 2019 2019/01/01 Acquire permission for worker dispatching business
October 2018 2018/10/01 Acquired Paid Employment Placement Business Permit
September 2017 Released new version of company home page
June 2017 Headquarters moved to Chuo-ku, Tokyo
May 2017 Acquired Privacy Mark No. 22000213
April 2017 Capital increased to 15 million yen
January 2016 Start the Human Resources Development Division
October 2015 Headquarters moved to Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo
September 2015 Capital increased to 10 million yen
January 2014 Established STAR SE Co., Ltd. (2 million yen in Capital), opened Tokyo headquarters

Collaborative Partner

Through the business, we are looking for a partner company forward to once again grow together while building a long-term relationship of trust.

The current projects at hand to guide the partner companies , we believe that you could promote the effective use of your personnel.
Also even if we do with your company in the projects such as our Java-related technical personnel and infrastructure-related technical personnel, we believe that if you could promote the effective use of our personnel, At the future we are the final goal which business / technology that I am allowed to take the cooperative system over.
Contact Us, We look forward to.

Organization Chart