From our director to everyone

We believe that the most important of management resources is ‘Person’, and ‘Trust Relationship’ with customers, in other words we are confident that the ‘connection between people’.There are more than 100 full-time employees, 80% is ladies.

Currently, we support total ‘IT Solution’ server from software development to Infrastructure’s design and building. And also working on strengthening of the ‘Employee education’ which is an issue of human resource shortage in IT industry.


  • To take advantage of the know-how in system development and operations in Japan, a high-quality solutions to meet the customer’s trust, it provides a global standard tailored to each country’s situation and standards, will continue to support the global business expansion. Our company has an IT technician with a communication interpretation / translation and advanced …

    Global Business Department

  • Tuning In our company was based on the construction of infrastructure and the data of the various large-scale system does not depend on the type of business, etc.,It is available to suit your needs and conduct the support of various infrastructure construction, widely corresponding thing from requirements definition to operation . Server Design and Construction …

    Infrastructure Solutions Business

  • We are working on the development of a wide range of fields in financial services, Web application development and open systems development and mobile application development, such as telecommunications industry and a Web site / smartphone site production. Customers of reliability of the high system development in accordance with the needs and at low cost …

    System Development Business

  • In our company we are working to strengthen the ‘human resource development’ as an issue countermeasure of human resource shortage in the IT industry. We are effort to develop IT professionals with advanced skills that are required in order to do business in a global environment. Because our customers to offer the best service, because …

    Human Resource Department

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