Information Security Policy

With the development of information technology and the expansion of networks, the repeated security incidents have become a social problem in recent. STAR SE Co., Ltd. recognizes that protecting all the information assets it handles is an important management issue in our business activities and has established an “Information Security policy” to earn the trust of society and customers.

【Information security guidelines】

This company positioned to the distributed information and information system of computer and network as important assets.
This company will implement appropriate security measures for these information assets and protect it from loss, theft and unauthorized use.
For this purpose,in addition to strengthen of the physical and technical security, staffs and employees will take actions with a high awareness and respect for security.


Our company aims for zero number of accident occurrences such as theft, loss, falsification, and damage of important information so that the integrity and availability of the information system will not be impaired.

【Continuous improvement of security management system】

Our company audit the security compliance status of the information.
We handle information systems and strive to ensure the continuous security status and continuously improve the “information security management system”.

【Ongoing Assessment of Risks】

Our Company evaluates the asset value of the information we handle and the information system and will set the risk level according to the threat when they are leaked, clarify the protection measures, establish the risk assessment,and implement customers’ information leakage measures.

【Compliance with laws and regulations】

Our Company comply with information security laws and regulations and norms.

Date of enactment June 12, 2020

STAR SE Co., Ltd.