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1. Name of company
STAR SE Co., Ltd.
2. Our personal information manager and contact information

Personal information protection manager: Kanemoto Koulan

Phone number: 03-5207-2955 (excluding our company holidays)

3. Purpose of use

Personal information contained in the submitted application documents (CV, CV, skill sheet, etc.) will be used within the scope of our recruiting activities (selection, information on recruitment / information on acceptance / rejection, etc.) You will receive
4. Third Party Provision

Except as stipulated by laws and regulations, we will use it for the above purpose and will not provide it to third parties.
5. Outsourcing

We may consign some or all of the handling of personal information within the scope of the above purpose of use. In commissioning, we select persons who satisfy the level of protection of personal information sufficiently, conclude a contract, and conduct necessary and appropriate supervision so that the safety management of personal information to be entrusted is planned.
6. Arbitrariness of offer and its result

Whether or not to provide personal information is optional, but if you can not present essential items, you may suffer the disadvantage of yourself due to problems with the business listed for the purpose of use.
7. Request for disclosure of personal information

We are concerned with notification, disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension or elimination of use of purpose of use with respect to the personal information (personal information to be disclosed) provided, and suspension of provision of third party (hereinafter referred to as "disclosure etc.") We will promptly respond to requests, complaints and consultations (including complaints and consultations about requests related to disclosure etc.). Please contact the following window.

Personal information complaint consultation window responsible person Kanemoto Koulan

Phone number: 03-5207-2955

E-mail address: