IT Training For Enterprise

Training List

Training Course Infrastructure General Course(all courses)

Individual Course (VMWare Construction , Windows Server Construction , Linux / AIX Server Construction )

Conditions of the target person Those who can perform basic operation of PC
Training objective Learn the basics of infrastructure, acquire virtual (VMWare) and server construction, with understanding of Windows and UNIX differences.
Training Period 1 month for 1 course, 3 months in total (09: 00-18: 00)
* Please contact us by phone or email for detailed schedule
Training Expenses ¥250,000(Accepted from one person)
Fixed 12 people

(If less than half of the recruitment number is accepted, the training may be canceled)

※ In addition to this, classes can be newly established so please consult us as soon as possible。

The recruitment deadline We will terminate as soon as there are no vacancies.

Virtual (Vmware) Construction Seminor

Windows Server Construction Seminar

Linux/AIX Server Construction Seminor

About Grant

We propose training for IT School with a wealth of training experience to corporations who are considering building virtual (VMWare) for employees, training for building Windows / Linux / AIX servers.

As there are limited number of seats, please consider as soon as possible.

Look at the person in charge of the company! IT engineer course using grant!

At this IT school, we offer a large number of educational programs for new employee education, employee skill improvement, or employee maintenance.

By using the subsidy system implemented by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, it is possible to drastically reduce training costs and labor cost. Regarding the use of grants, we also support the creation of application documents.

■ Grant Amount

【Subsidy utilization Educational training costs drastically Cut】

■ Simulation of grant amount

By utilizing the subsidy it is possible to realize a significant cost reduction.

For example, if you use our school’s infrastructure comprehensive course (60 days), you can cover all the grant training expenses.

【Cost Of Examination】

The tuition fee for the infrastructure comprehensive course (60 days) when three people use it is as follows.

Course Name Infrastructure General Course
Period 60days
Tuition fee (excluding tax) ¥250,000 × 3month = ¥750,000
Limit Person 1 people
Total Fee ¥750,000

【Amount to be awarded】

If you use a career formation grant, the following amount will be subsidized.

Types of Grants Subsidies
Wage subsidization

(800 yen per hour)
¥800 × 480 hour × 3 people = ¥384,000
Expenses subsidy

(1/2 of training expenses)
¥750,000 × 1/2 = ¥375,000
Total amount of grant

(Wage + expenses subsidy)

¥384,000 + ¥375,000 = ¥759,000

■ Flow of grant application

■ Notes

The burden amount of training expenses may change depending on the number of training hours and the type of industry.

The person to be trained is required to be an insured person of employment insurance.

It will take about one month for the application to be certified. Please consider the schedule after consideration.

Change application schedule after application, change application is required.

If you do not attend as requested, subsidies may not be paid.

■ Basic requirement

About System Use

1. Being training for irregularly employed workers (Fixed contract workers, short-time workers, dispatched workers, etc.)

2. Be a business owner of an employment insurance application office

3. There is no layoff due to company circumstances (converted from 6 months before the start date of training)

4. Submit application documents stipulated by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and conduct training

5. The training duration of one course is 20 hours or more

Points to keep in mind when applying

1. Regardless of the company’s business and scale, it is available to all companies.

2. The grant amount that one facility can receive within one year will be up to 5 million.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it okay for inexperienced people?


We are trained from completely inexperienced people. Of course there is no science-related science relation.

Q. Is it possible to use only one month or only two months?

Is possible. We propose a curriculum tailored to your desired training period. Please do not hesitate to consult us.

Q. Can we attend even small groups?

Sure. At our school we are accepting classes from one person.

Q. When can I take classes?

In principle, it is necessary to have at least 1 month from the application start date (first day of training). You can start taking classes at any time as long as you are free for one month. For details, please check with your nearest Hello Work or Labor Bureau at consultation.

Q. What is the application procedure?

We will issue a temporary application form from our company after receiving the training implementation. We will secure the seats and prepare the grant documents with the contents of the provisional application form and we will exchange this agreement. No cancellation fee will be charged if cancellation, number changes, etc between provisional application ~ this contract signing.

Q. Can you support the application?

Application form preparation and application substitution can not be done, but support and advice of application such as preparation of curriculum table and schedule adjustment are possible. Please contact us, including curriculum and which course to choose.


PR Point

It is a lecture to practically teach infrastructure building.

This course aims to acquire the skills to build a web server, AD server, DB server and so on corresponding to VMWare and various OS, and to enter the project one to three months later.

All instructors are active infrastructure engineers.

As all lecturers are active infrastructure engineers, we also add building procedures reflecting practice and original text, and learn useful skills immediately after entering the project.

We will provide PC for attendance and environment.

Students can learn in the Wifi environment on Windows 8 or Windows 10.

You can not build anything, never graduate.

Those who have totally inexperienced people will do VMWare and server construction during the training period of 1 month to 3 months.

I recommend you to take our proven courses so that it will not be said that “I passed three months, but I could not build anything!”

We will provide qualification acquisition support

After training, in order to be qualified, howUp to 1 yearVerify the environment up toWe offer free of charge