Graduate Recruitment GuideLine

 Message From Young Employee

1. Reason for choosing STAR SE

It was good that the in-house education system is fully equipped and after training after joining the company, we can assign to the system development division and infrastructure solution business department according to skills.

Also, the atmosphere was good as I talked with the president.

2. The impression of the company that I felt after joining the company

I have an impression that I can work on my work without feeling uneasy. Since I was not involved in the IT field during my student days, I was pretty uneasy when I was assigned to the System Development Department. However, since I can teach knowledge and technical terms carefully from seniors around me, I felt that I could do an elongation work.

3. What kind of person do you want to work with

It is a person who can actively move with interest anything. Even if you are not in charge of your work, you can work with interest and apply it to your work as an experience. I think that I would like to work with such a person and I think that it is a person who can be active in the future.

4. Easy working environment even though it is inexperienced

If you are worried that “I would like to work as an SE but I am inexperienced”, please take courage and step one step. Even those who are not experienced STAR SE are companies that can work easily and grow.
Let’s grow together as we work together.

5. I am doing this job

In the development of in-house systems, we mainly use the languages such as JAVA, PHP, etc. to create web screens and conduct the tests. Detailed design, implementation and testing are carried out. Recently, javascript and css are used to make screens with motion.

6. What is STAR SE likeness?

No matter what happens,
「Right Now,Be Sure,I will do until I can」

I believe that.

Workplace Landscape

《General Meeting》Every month, we hold a general meeting where all employees are present, and we make various contacts from the company.

The most important thing is to share what “company aims”.

At the conference, we will notify the issues and targets the company is about to undertake as much as possible, so that all employees can share it.


《Training and Study Group》

We believe that “employee education” is “the most important item” for company growth, and we frequently conduct seminar-style training and employee-sponsored study meetings.


《Company event Cherry Blossom viewing》

Because the distance to the boss is so close, you can listen to stories other than work while watching beautiful cherry blossoms or drinking delicious food and alcohol.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it time to join a new graduate recruit only in April?

In principle, it will be joined in April, but due to recruitment throughout the year, the timing of employment is adjusted according to individuals.

Please consult us at the time of consent.

Q2. I do not know much about IT but is it okay?

First of all, it is very different between “I do not know” and “I am not interested”.

It is difficult if it is the latter, but if you are interested without knowing, please try studying from today.

Because the IT industry is fast in change speed, it is always required to study. For new graduate recruitment, emphasis is placed on the possibility of growth over the skill at the time of entry, so it is important to work hard in this industry.

Q3. Is it better for you to have qualification?

In selection, we do not place emphasis on qualifications.

However, as we gain confidence by acquiring qualifications, we are recommending for self-improvement.

It may be one option to challenge something with a purpose in school days.

Q4. How are assignments and work positions determined? Can you get to the desired job?

During the screening and informal period, we will interview the desired job category etc.

In addition to working at the headquarters (Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku), we will work at related customers by project.

Q5. How much overtime or holiday work are you attending?

Overtime may occur.

There is no principle on holiday work.

However, if you are on holiday work, you can get a transfer holiday on weekdays.

Q6. How is the company atmosphere and corporate culture?

We aim to create a vibrant company.

For that reason it is easy to communicate beyond jobs and positions.

Application Requirements

Job Positions System engineer, infrastructure engineer, office · ales
Job Description
Technical capabilities such as designing systems, meeting with customers, consulting and programming are important, but communication skills are more important.
Job Vacancy 10people
Recruitment department I do not ask the undergraduate department (grammatical science / science).
Basic Salary Bachelor’s degree (Tokyo) 200,000 yen (including allowances)
Allowance Overtime allowance, full transportation expenses etc.
Bonus Twice a year (July, December)
Work Location Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama
Working Hours 09:00~18:00 ※It depends on each project.
Welfare Health insurance, welfare pension, labor insurance. Social insurance necessary for working, various equipments
Education System
New employee training, OJT, Java, PHP, internal course (Oracle, VMware,
Linux / AIX / Windows construction), global language (Japanese / English) course etc.
Holiday / Vacation Weekly two day system (Saturdays and Sundays) Holidays, paid leave (10th in the first year granted), special leave such as prenatal delivery and expenses
Interview Primary interview, Second interview

※The selection process may be subject to change depending on the time and venue.
Documents Certificate of resume, certificate of prospect of graduation, transcript, transcript of other company