Japanese · Business Manner Seminar

Business Manner

Every month have the business manner seminar for emplyee at 13:00 to 17:00

Fundamental to a greeting of business,Business card exchange,The person’s impression varies greatly in whether it is such as telephoning.Many People have that do not know the business etiquette even people are able to work.It does not increase the evaluation of as a member of society.

Business Manner is really needed in the field of business, you must do business manner. Not just memorize the type, to understand the meaning, you will learn actually skills are that are not used in the textbooks.

Business etiquette

  • The importance of first impression
  • Expression, Attitude (① Expression ② How Standing ③ Sitting way)
  • Grooming and Appearance – Check the ‘appropriate’ grooming
  • Greeting – Greeting is also part of the job
  • Phone Answering
  • Business Card Exchange

Japanese Language Seminar

Every saturday have the japanese seminar for employee at 13:00 to 17:00.

Japanese is essential beautiful in society.

It is necessary to understand the correct honorific in order to use the beautiful Japanese.

Voice is also an important point to the right and left their own impression. Correct wording of the beautiful Japanese is good to use honorific that is also a minimum of manners for which does not give an uncomfortable feeling to the other party.

You can know only neat wording whether ‘people who can work?’ or ‘the person that can be attentive?’

You’ll be able to master in accordance with the honorific to the situation placed a glance as a ‘decent society’ if possible.

This is we will learn about ‘beautiful Japanese-correct honorific speech Course’ in the hands-on wording.